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Guardian Opportunities

Because we believe it is of the upmost importance for our dogs to be raised in loving homes with their forever families, we employ the use of guardian homes for our breeding dogs.

How does it work?

As a guardian, you will care for your new puppy just as if she were your own. You will provide, at your expense, routine veterinary care,  grooming, recommended food, training and lots of love……. all of the things that you would normally provide for your new puppy. As the breeder, I will cover the costs of health testing and any veterinary reproductive costs. Once your puppy reaches the age of approximately 2 years old, she will be bred and whelp her first litter of puppies. During that time, she will stay in my home so that I can care for her and her offspring. She will be ready to return to you once her puppies are weaned, usually at about 7 weeks of age. Once the guardian dog is retired, usually after three litters, she will become your dog at no cost to you. The guardian dog will also be spayed at our expense before the official transfer of ownership.

The best thing about being a guardian is that it allows you to bring a labradoodle into your family without the expense. Not only that, the guardian dog is the pick of he litter! There are responsibilities though. It is the job of the guardian to maintain safety for the dog and also provide an abundance of socializing opportunities, training of good manners and heaps of love.

Who are we looking for?

We strive to find guardians who live in the Portland/Vancouver area and have their own home with a fenced yard for exercise and play. Our preferred guardians do not work full time and are at home for a good part of every day. Retirees, stay at home parents, part time workers, those who work from home and those who can take their dog to work are excellent candidates.

If the guardian opportunity sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out an application and be sure to designate “guardian” when asked about your main purpose for getting a dog. We are always happy to answer additional questions by email.

We do not expect to have any guardian puppies available until 2018.