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Our Dogs

Columbia Springs’ Adelyn (Addie), ALAA -041322

Addie is personality plus and an instant friend to everyone she meets. For fun, Addie loves to retrieve the tennis ball and play with her canine buddies at the neighborhood park. Having passed her intermediate obedience class with a gold star, Addie most recently earned her Canine Good Citizen and Pet Partners Therapy Dog certificates and is now visiting patients and families at a local children’s hospital. They don’t come any more lovable or loyal than this little girl.

Addie lives at home with us in Brush Prairie, Washington.





Columbia Springs’ Emma’s Surprise (Daisy), ALAA-042321


Daisy is part of an active family and is a dog on the go. She loves to tag along in the car for every outing whether it’s a camping trip, hike in the woods or just a quick run to the coffee shop. Daisy’s best friend is her fifth grade human sister who has taught her a string of tricks and includes her as part of the crowd for every slumber party with friends. Sporting a thick, luxurious non-shedding coat, Daisy is as cute as a button with a personality to match.

Daisy lives with her guardian family in Vancouver, WA.





Columbia Springs’ Clementine (Josie), ALAA-044668


There is just one word to describe Josie and that is spunky! She is full of doodle joy and bounce. Josie has a sturdy, solid build and the most luscious, silky red coat. She has been attending obedience classes with her guardian and is proud to show off all that she can do. Josie’s favorite place to visit is the Oregon Coast where she runs like the wind in an attempt to catch seagulls. No luck yet!

Josie currently lives with her guardian family in Vancouver, WA.





Columbia Springs’ Clover (Juniper), ALAA-046770


Juniper comes from our therapy line with her mother and grandmother both serving as therapy dogs at a local children’s hospital. This lucky girl goes to work every day with her owner and is a valued member of the team at the office. As sweet as can be, Juniper has never met a human or canine stranger. Her calm and obedient demeanor makes her a welcome addition to any occasion. Juniper sports a soft, silky, non-shedding coat and the biggest, warmest brown puppy dog eyes. Such a terrific girl!

Juniper lives with her guardian family in Portland, Oregon.





Columbia Springs’ Scarlet (Sofie), ALAA-050645


The first thing you notice about this girl is her luscious, thick golden coat. After that, it’s her sweet nature and happy doodle bounce. Sofie is a quick study and so very well behaved. She can be quiet and affectionate but is also ready to play when the toys and frisbees come out. She adores her family and wants to be with them where ever they go. Watch for Sofie’s puppies in 2018.

Sofie lives with her guardian family in Camas, Washington.




Up and Coming…..

Columbia Springs’ Penelope (Piper), ALAA-055861


Piper is just bursting with that great doodle personality, fun loving and energetic but also a champion cuddler/snuggler. Belly rubs are her favorite pastime. Piper is currently attending puppy kindergarten class where she is a stellar student. Piper also has an active group of canine BFFs that she often meets at the park near her home. She loves to play! Watch for Piper’s puppies in late 2018.

Piper lives with her guardian family in Tualatin, Oregon.