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“We are just over the moon for our new puppy! He’s got such a unique personality…I think he’s an old soul. He’s a sweet little boy, super smart, and has the most amazing coat (color and texture). I’m so thankful that he became a part of our family when he did. Thanks for providing him a great start in life!! “

“We are having so much fun with Joey. He is exactly what we were hoping for. Loves everyone that he sees. He is very good at house training. Makes it thru the night and is now starting to show us the door when he needs to go outside. He knows his name so we are working on coming when called. He is very good at this. We have never trained our dogs with treats but he loves food so we are using this method and it works so far.”

“I had puppy dreams all night!”



“My daughter and her new puppy are doing great. They are wonderful together. Best decision we have ever made. I can’t even tell you of their love for each other. It’s wonderful.”

“Today I think our puppy decided she was comfortable here. She was doing laps around the house and in the backyard. Just so playful and bouncy everywhere!”

“Thank you for bringing her into our life and family. Our other dog is so happy to have a friend and she is just a sweetheart.”



“He’s my buddy. I told someone the other day, “When your kids become teens you should get a labradoodle. They LOVE it when you get home and shower you with appreciation and when you teach them something it only takes a couple of times and they happily do it!”

“He is so awesome!”

“This is the best experience bringing home a puppy I’ve had- because of you.”

“We seriously love our puppy more than I can say.”

“Best dog in the world. Love him beyond words. Thank you for bringing him into our family.”